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If you’re thinking about skateboarding on regular shoes, runners or basketball shoes, think again. To get the most out of your skateboarding session you should really consider skate shoes.


Vulcanized shoes are tough, durable, and sturdy in nature. The shoes have a unique design and look – they are twice baked. Their most unique part is the outsole of the shoes, which is made out of rugged rubber and wrapped around the heat-resistant upper part of the shoe volador dancing longboard.


Now in case you are wondering what baking is – it is the process of heating the two parts together to attach them. The vulcanized shoes are first baked before the rubber outsole is attached to the body and the second, more serious, steam baking takes place after it has been attached to the shoe to make the overall body more durable, comfortable and grippy.


The construction of vulcanized shoes involve some serious heating. So, you will not find materials like Ethylene-venyl acetate (also known as EVA) and Thermoplastic rubber (TPR) which are not heat resistant


Vulcanized shoes are easy to make and thus are usually produced in bulk. The bulk production automatically lowers the price. As we have already mentioned above that no TPR or EVA is present in these shoes which are known to provide cushion and comfort. The insole of the vulcanized shoes become essentially important.


So, why sate in vulcanized shoes? First of all as they are produced easily and in quality, they are cheaper than other alternatives. Secondly they give better board feel and are quick to break in. Last but not the least you get the option to replace the insoles.


We have tried our best explaining skate shoes. Other than that we have also briefly listed down the method involved in the making of these shoes. The main idea of this write up is to help our readers understand the skate shoes better, so that they can make the right choice for themselves.


It was purely designed for skateboarders because back then, grip tape hadn’t been invented yet so traction between the deck, and the skaters were very important. From the first skate shoes by the Randolph Rubber Company to its popularization by Vans, skate shoes are now being offered by a dozen different companies.


These different companies all try to give their skate shoes different flavors and such but they all stay true to what skate shoes should be. Although skate shoes can be simply defined as shoes specifically for skateboarding, it has evolved to a higher purpose because now people are wearing them just because of the sleek, and trendy design.


Skate shoes are purposely designed to handle a lot of stress as well as wear and tear. Not only is it common to see skateboarders do some sick tricks, there are also hundreds of hours of practicing and failing involved.


These shoes have to endure a ton of use as skaters push themselves to the limit to get a trick right, and master them. Durability in skate shoes can be attributed to a number of things. For instance, it can come from the material the shoes are made of.


Some shoes are made of super suede which is a synthetic microfiber fabric that can resist fraying because of its combination with polyurethane foam in a non-woven structure. The super suede comes really handy against abrasion as some skaters do a lot of falling in half-pipes.

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