What is the most popular pizza roll?

When I was a kid snacking after school usually consisted of fruits that were peeled or cut into


When I was a kid snacking after school usually consisted of fruits that were peeled or cut into slices which was the most popular way of saying "I am in love with you" I received from my Chinese mother, who was an immigrant from China. However, her gesture was mostly not appreciated because time I'd discover pizza dough in the small traditional oven, its gentle ticking increasing my exuberance until a loud buzz signaled that golden brown pockets filled with lava-hot "pizza" that were inside were in the oven. It was not uncommon for me to burn my mouth but I didn't worry as I always felt it was well worth the risk.


One of the most well-known brands that sells pizza is Totino's which was initially a take-out pizza restaurant in the year 1951 prior to its frozen-pizza division was bought by Pillsbury. Pizza rolls were created by Jeno Palucci, who drew upon his knowledge of cans of Chinese American foods and applied it to Italian food. The result was an eggroll frozen product that contained pizza ingredients like pepperoni and cheese. Pizza rolls were then sold to Pillsbury in 1985.


Personally, I believe that the end result is closer to toasted or fried ravioli, a la St. Louis. Pizza rolls are now available in a wide variety of flavours such as cheese and triple meat, mix with sausage, pepperoni, and supreme. There are pizza rolls packed with nacho cheese as well as cheeseburger ingredients. These tasty snacks are so well-loved that they've been the inspiration for SNL skits, clothing and many memes. It's almost impossible to not be watching a commercial for Totino during Super Bowl season.


Pizza is the nation's most loved food pizza, said Mike Kostyo, a trendologist at Datassential which is a food industry research firm that conducts market research of more than 3600 different foods and varieties. 89% of people claim they like or love pizza, and it ranks in the top ten percentile of all demographics, including gender, age and income levels.


"That massive popularity is the reason you can see such a wide range of innovative flavor and design including offering pizza in snack-friendly forms such as pizza dough," Kostyo wrote in an email. "Americans are also addicted to snacking as well, with 96% us having eaten more than one meal over the last day and an average of eating three to four meals."

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